What We Do

Child Education

Education is an unavoidable ingredient in equipping a new generation and society. Unfortunately, many children stay home or wander around instead of utilizing their time to learn. In many Asian countries, children or their parents cannot be blamed for this pathetic situation.

Social stratification resulted from caste based religious system have high impacts on the educational opportunities of the underprivileged sometimes called “untouchables” of the society. This social segregation wreaked havoc in the educational system.

In many Asian countries, it has been revealed that poverty is the biggest factor in low school enrollment and high rates of child labor. Many children forfeit an education to support their inherently poor families.

Contribution of Christian missionaries in the filed of education in India is immeasurable. Missionaries opened their schools for all, without segregating caste or creed. Educational and literacy boom in the southern states of India better proof of this fact.

Gilgal Ministries join hands with other Non-Government Organizations to further the education of these impoverished children in Asian countries. We are also working on a holistic approach to overcome the social exclusion of elementary education.

Two orphanages run by Gilgal Ministries in Myanmar is taking care of 40 children. In India, we are providing educational assistance to ten kids.

Gilgal Ministries will be able to provide more support by the kind support of our readers. $40 a month can take care of food and education of a child.

Many children still need sponsors. Your sponsorship will provide food, accommodation and education of a child. If you consider sponsoring one or more child, please click the donate link.